all-in-one: bread craft and snack

I am attempting to prepare crafts for the kids' classes at church on a Sunday morning, crafts that help reinforce the memory verses and don't require paint. (Paint is so cheap and fun, but it's messy. So I try to come up with paint-free crafts for Sunday morning.) My girls get to try out most of the crafts ahead of time. I have to make sure they work, of course, and knock out any kinks.

Last week, the memory verse was part three of six in memorizing The Lord's Prayer: Give us today our daily bread. So I found this idea on Pinterest. I melted some butter in four bowls and added a drop of food coloring to each bowl. I mixed each color (red, blue, green, yellow) and provided the girls with a slice of bread as a canvas and their melted butter "paint," and they went to town.

(Ahem, we do have heat. My girls just like to wear hats sometimes.)

Heidi may have eaten some of her canvas as she went.

When the painting was completed, they sprinkled cinnamon and sugar on top. Lydia opted for hers to be toasted, but Heidi was already halfway done. 

Then they ate (or continued eating) their creations for a mid-morning snack.

It was a hit on Sunday, too, even without the toasting option. (Lucky bonus: the cleanup for this craft was a cinch. =)


  1. What an awesome idea! I will pass this on to the teachers of the younger grades. Thanks.


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