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prenatal care

I don't know why I have to go to the midwife every two weeks. I have the best prenatal care right here at home.

hey! no giggling on the swings!

guest blogger: Heidi

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On Sunday, the sun was out, so we went to the playground. I wanted to ride the scooter and wear George.

But it was just too tricky. So Daddy carried him for me.

On the swings, Daddy would grab our swing and say, "Hey! No giggling on the swings!"

So of course we only giggled harder.

Then George and Bear had to swing.

And we told them, "Hey! No giggling on the swings!"

sleeping baby

Look at this cute baby sleeping on our couch amidst the chaos of squealing girls.

Heidi loves Miles. LOVES him. Today she wouldn't stop rubbing his hair and kissing his head.

It will be interesting to see what she thinks of our baby in two months . . .


My girls really don't spend all day in the window like it appears on this blog. It just seems to be when I grab my camera. It probably has something to do with the lovely light I get there. =)

That's Lydia's coffee cup. She has it with her often. (This might make more sense if Aaron or I drank coffee all day like many people do, but we don't. It's just hysterical that she sometimes carries it around the house with her all day.)

aquarium with friends

Our annual pass to the aquarium expires at the end of the month, so we needed to get in at least one more visit. Last night we rearranged (and added three) car seats in our minivan, and this morning we picked up our vehicle-less city friends and occupied every available seat belt.

There was an abundance of chatter and giggles on this drive across the river to New Jersey, and the girls took off running once we stepped foot into the aquarium.

Most of us touched the sting rays. Heidi watched.

Cate watched, too.

The hippos were swimming laps again.

We attempted a group photo in the shark tunnel, but all participants were not simultaneously cooperative.

Lydia requested a picture with the sharks.

We will miss our aquarium visits. Though Lydia keeps asking to see the dolphins, and this aquarium doesn't have dolphins. So maybe she won't miss it after all. =)

no faschnauts . . . Wegmans . . . slow enough

The week before last, I had high hopes for Fat Tuesday. I wanted to enjoy our traditional faschnauts with friends. On Monday, I discovered the local German restaurant wasn't making them this year (?!?!?!), so I was going to make some. But over the weekend, the van door decided it didn't want to open, so that had to be fixed. So Fat Tuesday fachnauht plans with friends fell to the wayside (I canceled them), and we spent Tuesday morning at Wegmans instead while the dealership across the street fixed the van.

Our trip to Wegmans may have been one of the best adventures I've given my kids. Not because Wegmans is so educational and entertaining but because I learned a multitude of things about parenting while wandering Wegmans with my toddlers.

When we "run errands," I often have roughly calculated what the girls can handle, which stores, when to go, snacks to bring, etc. They only last so long, and I don't want to push them beyond their capacity.

breakfast date

guest blogger: Heidi

- - -

Yesterday was Valentine's Day. I had a breakfast date with George.

I whipped him up a little something.

I think he liked it.

night owl read and look

The Philadelphia Museum of Art just launched "Pay What You Wish" on Wednesday nights including an event one Wednesday a month for the little people, Night Owl Read and Look from 5:15-6pm. We ate a very early dinner, put on our pajamas (it said pajamas welcome!), and drove over to the Art Museum. I know there is a parking lot on the other side of the museum, but I don't know how to get to it. I didn't want to drive around in circles among rush hour traffic leaving Philadelphia, so I parked in the lot in front of the museum. You know, so we could walk up all the art museum steps - pregnant me and two toddlers. (Phew. =) Once we made it to the top, we enjoyed the lovely view.

Anyway, the event was fabulous! The leader, Liz, welcomed my girls (who were somehow the only ones in their pajamas), engaging them in conversation, loving that they wore pajamas, asking their names, and writing them name tags. There were only about fifteen to twenty kids there (plus their grown u…

Elmo bubbles

We ran out of bubbles for the bathtub, and somehow our pick at Target on Monday did not make it home with us (nor onto our receipt so no big deal). We picked out this one at our trip to Wegmans. Yes, the marketing strategy to put Elmo on the bottle is totally aimed at Heidi.

This is not a paid advertisement of Elmo bubbles, but there shall be no bath photos posted on the internet. You can see the girls are having fun even if they're blurry back there. =)

They were in there for awhile.

toddler fun at Wegmans

This morning, we had to take the van back to where we got it in New Jersey because the sliding door wouldn't open. Fortunately, they have a shuttle service that agreed to drop the girls and me off at the huge shopping center across the street. When I asked the driver to drop us off at Wegmens, he looked at me like I was a little bit crazy, wondering what I was going to do with two toddlers at Wegmans for a few hours. Clearly, he was unaware.

First, we found this beauty.

Heidi may have done at least 57 Chinese fire drills during our trip. We wandered up and down some random isles over to the book section. Yes, the book section. We read some favorites from the Dr. Suess rack, including "Are You My Mother?" (of course). We also found "Polar Bear Polar Bear What Do You Hear?" and "Llama Llama Red Pajama." Score.

We hugged many bears in the stuffed animal display. We picked out all our favorite stickers by the card section. We opened all the cards with Elm…

forty days of water

Easter is early this year (March 31st), so forty days of water starts almost a month earlier than it did last year. This is also the first year I'm remembering to blog about it before it starts.

Here's a blurb from the website about forty days of water:

This campaign also always helps with reducing my cookie intake. What fun is a fresh baked cookie without a glass of milk? (Okay, so it's still fun, but it's definitely not the same.)

sweet baby boy

The beautiful nursery I showed you last week is now complete. Miles Henry is home.

My girls are meeting him this weekend. I'm not sure I'll be able to capture photos and protect Miles from Heidi snuggles simultaneously. We shall see.

Congrats, Ross and Leah! Snuggling this peanut has me even more excited for the baby snuggles coming to our home in less than three months. !!!!!

all-in-one: bread craft and snack

I am attempting to prepare crafts for the kids' classes at church on a Sunday morning, crafts that help reinforce the memory verses and don't require paint. (Paint is so cheap and fun, but it's messy. So I try to come up with paint-free crafts for Sunday morning.) My girls get to try out most of the crafts ahead of time. I have to make sure they work, of course, and knock out any kinks.

Last week, the memory verse was part three of six in memorizing The Lord's Prayer: Give us today our daily bread. So I found this idea on Pinterest. I melted some butter in four bowls and added a drop of food coloring to each bowl. I mixed each color (red, blue, green, yellow) and provided the girls with a slice of bread as a canvas and their melted butter "paint," and they went to town.

(Ahem, we do have heat. My girls just like to wear hats sometimes.)

Heidi may have eaten some of her canvas as she went.

When the painting was completed, they sprinkled cinnamon and sugar on …

giggling sisters

These two can be so silly together.

I hope they always laugh together like this.