new playground equipment

Our beloved playground, Seger - which we frequented almost daily when we lived over on Darien Street - has been out of commission in recent months for phase one of playground renovation. (In my pregnant hormonal state, I may or may not have cried over the fact that baby in my belly will not swing for the first time on the same swing set his/her two older sisters did as that equipment is now long gone.)

(Oh! I forgot about that giraffe onesie! Though I don't know how; I think Heidi wore it twice a week. And those arm rolls! Ahh!!! =)

Nonetheless, the playground reopened over the weekend, and we trekked over there this morning. It is no longer just around the corner for us from our new house, but it's such a great central spot to meet up with our friends in the city. We will surely still be there often (especially if the sprayground ever gets funded!)

The see-saw was a blast.

And for some comparative cuteness: Lydia and Kuyper at Brennan's third birthday party in September 2010.

And today.