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in the window

guest blogger: Heidi

- - -

On Sunday, I took a long nap, but Lydia didn't. Daddy and Lydia went to the playground while I was still sleeping. When I woke up, I waited for them in the window. I made faces while Mama took pictures.

I sent some emails.

I made more faces.

Then Daddy and Lydia came home!

snow in the city

guest bloggers: Lydia & Heidi

- - -

It's been quite cold around these parts, and we haven't left the house much. It snowed on Friday.

We played outside after dinner. It was a very light, fluffy snow that we only had to use a broom to sweep off the sidewalks.

Daddy swept snow piles around our feet.

Then we discovered the neighbor's Valentine's Day decorations!

We sure do love to play in the snow!

more mountain snow fun

guest bloggers: Lydia & Heidi

- - -

While we were at the mountains, we did a few other fun things out in the snow.

We made snow angels.

We walked in the woods.

We crawled in the woods.

We waved to Daddy in the tree stand.

We walked in the woods some more.

We saw deer (eight of them!) one night out the window, and the next day we saw deer tracks in the snow!

crazy dough

These girls get a kick out of mixing with the dough hook: pizza dough, soft pretzel dough - they love it! "The dough is going crazy!" Lydia yells. (Because the mixer is loud, she has to yell over it, and she always yells just as loud when retelling the story to her daddy.)


The mountain house has a lot of closets. Most of them are rather empty, and the door handles can easily be operated by toddlers. Aside from the potential of pinching fingers in doors, they're quite perfect for toddler fun.


We don't have a little snuggly newborn at the moment, but sometimes we are still blessed with snuggles from our girlies.

tire swing

guest bloggers: Lydia & Heidi

- - -

While walking through the "tree section" (which Daddy and Mama told us are called "woods"), we found this old tire swing.

We had to take turns.

But we could have stayed in that swing for hours. It was so fun!

Mama took a turn, too, but someone objected.

to the mountains

We ran away this weekend to one of our favorite spots, Aaron's grandparent's in the mountains.

Until this trip, I've actually never been there in the winter, just in the summer and fall.

We bundled up in our snow gear and enjoyed the warm sunshine for walks in the woods to this tire swing.