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If you're like me, perhaps you do a lot of your shopping online? With sites that offer free shipping and free returns, sometimes it's so much easier - and even cheaper - to buy online rather than packing two girls into the car - especially if the closest store is across the bridge because it's five bucks to cross the bridge back into Pennsylvania from New Jersey.

Anyway, if you do not already use ebates when you shop online, you should. I was completely skeptical of it when my friend described it to me, but she was right. I have had my account with them for over a year. I get payments directly into my PayPal account every quarter.

Full disclosure: if you check them out with that little button over there on my blog or right here, I get the "tell-a-friend" bonus (five bucks, if you're curious), but you get the same cash back deals I've been getting for over a year.

Whenever you go to make a purchase online, go to ebates first. Find the store from where you&…

a fading art

I haven’t practiced as a bedside intensive care nurse in almost three years. I’m terribly rusty. I can hardly remember simple terms for procedures. Once I found myself stumbling for the term for a “spinal tap,” and it took me embarrassingly long to recall “lumbar puncture.” Ugh.

I’m no longer in that environment on a regular and routine basis, reading the charts, following orders, hearing the language that I could understand and speak without hesitation. Now I’m fumbling and tripping over myself as I try to remember and recall what used to be basics. If you don’t believe me, just ask my sister. She’s in her last year of nursing school and frequently calls me with questions. Can I answer them? Rarely. (Sorry, sister.)

Recently, I’m realizing that nursing is not my only fading art.

I used to be a part of a community where the gospel was rich. Weekly we gathered to speak the truth of the gospel into each other’s lives. I worked, played, and worshiped with the same group of peop…

watchin' the "bideos"

Lydia loves to watch "bideos" on the phone.

Here's one of her newest favorites.

popcorn trees

Mama saw this craft idea in an email: cherry blossom trees with popcorn and glue. Unfortunately, Mama did not have any glue, so she made some out of flour, sugar, water, and vinegar from a recipe she found online.

I thought the glue was delicious.

But then Mama told me I was really only supposed to eat the popcorn. Whoops.

Now when I see the blossoms on the trees, I remember my popcorn tree! Happy Spring!

pushing the stroller

guest blogger: Heidi

- - -

Mama already showed you a video of me walking with the stroller, but here I am in photos.

This is my concentrating face.

Taking a break. This walking stuff is a lot of work!


I am loving this photo of Heidi from St Patty's Day. That is all.

lunch out front

guest blogger: Lydia

- - -

We have been outside a lot this week. Today, we ate lunch on the bench outside our house. It was a busy lunch. First, the UPS man, John, brought a package. (He's that blurry brown blob on the left past the pole.)

Then our across-the-street-neighbor, Astrid, stopped over; she was home from school today.

We kept eating our lunch.

Then our next-door-neighbor, Joe, came outside.

So we finished eating and played some more before nap time.

Me and the pink baby are watching the Phillies.

Yes, Aunt Rachel, I insisted on wearing socks with my crocs. You don't approve?


Those toy umbrella strollers aren't exactly sturdy, but Heidi doesn't seem to mind.

She may just take off without the stroller one of these days.

the tube slide

guest bloggers: Lydia & Heidi

- - -

Here we are at the playground, ready to go down the tube slide. Who wants to go down first?

Mom, what are you doing down there?

 Move over, Lydia. I'm going down.

I can't get over this little step, and Lydia ran away.

 Heidi, aren't you going to go down the slide? Mama's waiting for you!

Alright, we're done sliding. Let's do some climbing instead.

first time for everything

I did something today that I've never done before in my twenty-nine years of life: I ran eight miles. Then I walked the three miles (round-trip) to/from church. Then I took a nap. (Even though the NC State/Georgetown game was actually exciting, I couldn't stay awake.)

Now, I'm going to eat a cookie.

Heidi wants to know: what did you do today?

Federal Donuts

guest blogger: Heidi

- - -

There is a somewhat new place in town. I realize I am new in town also as I'm not even ten-months-old yet, but this place is even younger than I am. It arrived in October. (You can read about their write up in the New York Times here if you wish.) While Nez and Leah were in town, we had to show them what the hype is all about.

Lydia sat at the counter and patiently waited for her donut, assuming her signature stance: left thumb suck, right hair twirl.

I can't sit still, so Mama wouldn't let me sit on the stool by myself. Instead, I checked out the sign under the counter.

Lydia ate her donut.

But look at all these wonderful crumbs she left behind!

This stuff is delicious!

Once I finished licking the plate clean, it was time to walk home. We'll be back, Federal Donuts. We have yet to try your chicken!

window watching

Who knew looking out the window was so much fun?

But let's be honest: almost anything done with these two little girls is fun.

(Even if one of them is putting everything within reach into her mouth.)

babywearing visitors

A little over an hour ago, a cab picked up Nez and Leah to bring them back to the airport. After losing an hour of sleep plus staying up past my bedtime every night, I am afraid anything I type right now will only be incoherent. Plus, I have to go work on my bracket. So here's a picture. Or two.

I put Nez and Leah to work while they were here, giving them a crash course in babywearing. (They each wore Lydia in the sling when she was a newborn, so they're essentially professionals now.)

still running

I have one more run left in week two of my ten week training program for the 10-mile Broad Street Run. I'm still on par, and I still don't think beyond the day. According to my MapMyRun app, my minute per mile pace is improving with each run, even as I add miles. Unfortunately, all this running has created more laundry for me. I do not like that my clean pile is always the largest. I guess if more laundry is my chosen gripe at this point, perhaps I am still doing okay. We will see how I feel after that eight mile run next Sunday.

If you're curious as to how slow I am, you may see for yourself.

Yes, my phone needs a charge. It was a long day yesterday.

and, they're (coming) back!

In the summer of 2009, Nez helped us move, driving with me from Nashville to Philadelphia.

Then, she and Leah came to visit a few weeks after Lydia was born.

Lydia visited Nashville for the first time in June of 2010.

Nez and Leah came again in the fall, only a few months later.

Last winter, we went to Nashville again. Perhaps you remember Lydia and Nez shopping at Trader Joe's. (Seriously, those are two of my favorite photos. Cracks me up every time I look at them.)

Despite having just been married on May 15th, Leah came in June - with Nez, of course - to meet Heidi. Sadly, I never posted photos from that visit as it was when my blog went on vacation.

We failed to head back to Nashville this past year, and Heidi has yet to meet Nashville. Fortunately, even though I missed my rotation, Leah and Nez are coming to me again - TOMORROW!

I am excitedly ecstatic. Just like Heidi in this photo Lydia took of her. (Hence the blur. Lydia's still learning how to adjust the shutter speed.…

big girl bed

guest blogger: Lydia

- - -

Mama just realized that I never shared this news with you. Three weeks ago, we went to IKEA and picked out a blanket for my big girl bed. Then that weekend Daddy took one side off my crib. Now I sleep like this.

Maggie Taggie's gotta get her feet under the blanket.

Otherwise, I'm ready for nap time. Good night!


This girl frequently moves too fast for my camera settings.

Heidi is quick.

She cornered Lydia on Sunday.

Lydia bribed her off with some plastic eggs.

When Daddy and Lydia start running, Heidi is not too far behind.

Give it a couple months, and I think she may be lapping both of them.

found it

guest blogger: Lydia

- - -

Heidi wants some books.

Here you go, Heidi.

What's that, Mom? You don't like this mess?

But look - I found the "L."

For my Lydia puzzle! (The "L" has been missing for weeks!)