birthday banner . . . and a sick day

Yesterday was my birthday. Since I'm always borrowing hers, Leah made me my very own birthday banner! Actually, if you're curious, the conversation went something like this:

Me: I really need to make my own birthday banner. I'll do it after the holidays.
Leah: Nooo, then it will look better than mine.
Me: No it won't, but if you insist it will, then you'll just have to make me one.

I forget what she said in response because my pregnancy brain doesn't remember details very well these days, but Santa must have heard me because on Christmas Eve a little elf delivered a package through my mail slot, and I now have a birthday banner to call my own.

Isn't she lovely? That's the best photo I can produce for you right now because after a long night of birthday puking by Lydia and me, I'm camped out on the couch for my nap, despite the fact that my living room looks like this.

This picture is what I call a sick day. Besides laundry (for obvious reasons), the household chores are on hold.

Good night. =)