trick or treat!

We went trick or treating last night, but I did a lackluster job behind the camera. Anyway, I'll show you what I've got.

First off, the wheel on our double stroller broke, so we've been riding like sardines in the single stroller until our replacement wheel arrives in the mail.

Our first stop was Ross and Leah's where Leah took this picture for us (and the girls are already eating the candy Ross and Leah handed out as seen in the picture above). Trick or treat! (Lydia was wingless at the time from riding in the stroller.)

Then we ventured over to our old street. Recognize this stoop? It's Joe's, but he didn't answer the door. Oh well; he gave the girls candy every other day of the year. =)

Then we ran into this guy on the street. (Hopefully you still recognize him even though you can't see his face in this picture.)

He was the butterfly catcher.

He grabbed these photos of me as the mother bird with my baby bird and butterfly.

(How'd we do?)

(Image from Are You My Mother by P.B. Eastman.)

And then off we went!

Trick or treat!


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