Jesse Tree ornament December 25: manger

felt: light brown, ivory
thread: brown, ecru
spanish moss
3/4" wooden ball
hot glue gun/glue
Trace/cut: light brown manger (1), ivory blanket (1).
Stitch (brown thread) together top edges of adjacent sides to create an open box (manger).
Fold in (one half inch) one corner of ivory blanket. Hot glue fold in place. (This is where the wooden ball head will go.)
Roll ivory blanket to resemble swaddled blanket.
Tuck up bottom corner (opposite to folded edge) and tuck into swaddle. Hot glue swaddle in place.
Stuff with batting.
Hot glue wooden ball at first folded corner to create baby's head.
Hot glue spanish moss into manger.
Hot glue swaddled baby into manger.
Create hanging loop with (brown) thread from top side of manger to bottom side of manger.

(One of my friends shrunk the sizes of this pattern down a smidge, and her littler manger is cuter (and sturdier) than mine.)


  1. Your ornaments are amazing. I love your tutorial. I am thinking maybe I can have it done by next year!??!

    1. thank you! and yes, you definitely can. i did mine from january to may before Heidi was born. i think doing them in the "off-season" is easier and less pressure. show me if you decide to do it!


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