Jesse Tree ornamant tutorials done!

The Jesse Tree ornament tutorials are posted and available here and here. No one has left me hateful comments, so I can assume one of two things. One - the tutorials are wonderful and easy to follow, so no one has any questions for me (hah!). Two - no one is using the tutorials, so there are no issues. =)

My instructions are definitely not perfect, but my friend, Lessa, has been following them since the beginning. I've only explained one ornament - the scroll - to her beyond the tutorial, and her ornaments look pretty awesome.

Hopefully, you didn't feel as lost as this trying to follow my tutorials.

And hopefully you're just about ready to put them to use in just a few days!


  1. I have been so thankful that you posted the tutorials- I had a huge bag of cut-out ornaments that I honestly had no idea how to assemble. And now, they're all done, and we're ready for the 1st! Thanks for posting this!


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