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driving on Kaia

Apparently Heidi thinks Kaia's head makes a good road.

Looks like she learned from the best. (Lydia driving on Heidi in August 2011).

tree lightings

It's that time of year again: time to plug in the Christmas tree lights around the city.

On Wednesday, we made the long haul to Rittenhouse Square to meet up with some friends.

Heidi ran around with Joss's blue ball, but Lydia snuggled in the stroller.

She didn't even want to get out of the stroller for a picture in front of the lit tree.

Tonight we went around the corner to our local tree lighting (which is a hilarious "tree" of garland and lights wrapped around a fountain to create a rather wide Christmas "tree"). Once again, Lydia stayed snuggled in the stroller with her hot chocolate and popcorn while Heidi ran around, enjoying the sites.

On the way home we walked up the Miracle on South 13th Street.

The city is full of lights normally, but it's quite the festive place during the Christmas season. And we haven't even been to the Macy's Christmas Light Show or the Comcast Holiday Spectacular yet!

smiley baby

guest blogger: Heidi

- - -

This is my cousin, Kaia. (Despite her bib, she is a girl. She gets Keiper's hand-me-down bibs.)

 She is a very happy little girl, and I love to help feed her.

Isn't she cute?

She will be visiting us later today. I'm excited to see her again!

Christmas tree shopping

guest blogger: Lydia

- - -

We made our annual trip to Lowe's on Sunday to pick out our Christmas tree!

We had it narrowed down to two, and then we did eeny meeny miny moe to pick one.

Heidi's really excited.

I was too, but I kept running away from Mama and her camera.


guest blogger: Heidi

- - -

Before our Thanksgiving meals on Thursday, we tried out all the wheeled toys in Pop-Pop's and Nana's basement.

(We brought Lydia's scooter from home, too.)

I got a ride in the wagon and a high five from Daddy.

There are so many fun toys in the basement!

Jesse Tree ornamant tutorials done!

The Jesse Tree ornament tutorials are posted and available here and here. No one has left me hateful comments, so I can assume one of two things. One - the tutorials are wonderful and easy to follow, so no one has any questions for me (hah!). Two - no one is using the tutorials, so there are no issues. =)

My instructions are definitely not perfect, but my friend, Lessa, has been following them since the beginning. I've only explained one ornament - the scroll - to her beyond the tutorial, and her ornaments look pretty awesome.

Hopefully, you didn't feel as lost as this trying to follow my tutorials.

And hopefully you're just about ready to put them to use in just a few days!

Jesse Tree ornament December 25: manger

felt: light brown, ivory
thread: brown, ecru
spanish moss
3/4" wooden ball
hot glue gun/glue
Trace/cut: light brown manger (1), ivory blanket (1).
Stitch (brown thread) together top edges of adjacent sides to create an open box (manger).
Fold in (one half inch) one corner of ivory blanket. Hot glue fold in place. (This is where the wooden ball head will go.)
Roll ivory blanket to resemble swaddled blanket.
Tuck up bottom corner (opposite to folded edge) and tuck into swaddle. Hot glue swaddle in place.
Stuff with batting.
Hot glue wooden ball at first folded corner to create baby's head.
Hot glue spanish moss into manger.
Hot glue swaddled baby into manger.
Create hanging loop with (brown) thread from top side of manger to bottom side of manger.

(One of my friends shrunk the sizes of this pattern down a smidge, and her littler manger is cuter (and sturdier) than mine.)

Jesse Tree ornament December 24: Mary

felt: black, sky blue
thread: black, sky blue
3/4" wooden balls
Trace/cut: black Mary silhouette (2), sky blue rectangle (1).
Blanket stitch (black thread) Mary silhouette front to back.
Tuck one wooden ball into Mary's belly.
Stuff with batting before finishing stitches.
Thread one wooden ball to top of silhouette to create Mary's head.
Fold sky blue rectangle in half.
Fold in top edge corner.
Blanket stitch (blue thread) one length of folded rectangle.
Hot glue to wooden head to create head covering.
Create hanging loop with (sky blue) thread.

Jesse Tree ornament December 23: saw

felt: dark brown, gray
thread: brown, gray
Trace/cut: gray saw blade (2), dark brown saw handle (2).
Hot glue gray saw blades front to back.
Cut zig-zag edge to saw blade bottom.
Cut slit/hole in saw handle to create a handle.
Blanket stitch (brown thread) saw handle front to back (including handle cutout), securing saw blade in place with running stitch, not blanket stitch.
Create hanging loop with (gray) thread.


Today is Thanksgiving. I am thankful.

These little girls make my heart sigh and swell (and scream) all within seconds of each other. They show me how the Lord loves me so patiently despite my stubborn and selfish habits. I'm so thankful I don't have to rely on myself for grace.

My husband loves these girls with me. I am thankful for his partnership in parenting and everything he does for them (and for me). He is the best.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Jesse Tree ornament December 22: honey

felt: light brown
thread: brown
wooden sticks
coins: quarter, dime, nickel, penny
Trace/cut: quarters (2), dimes (5), nickels (2), pennies (2).
Fold each felt coin to cut small slit/hole in center - except for one penny.
Create hanging loop with thread.
Place thread between two wooden sticks, and hot glue wooden sticks together.
Stack felt coins in order: penny, dime, nickel, dime, quarter, dime, quarter, dime, nickel, dime, (hole-less) penny.
Thread coins onto wooden stick in order, except hole-less penny.
Hot glue wooden stick end to center of hole-less penny.
Slide felt coins back towards hot glued end.
Hot glue top felt penny to wooden stick to keep felt coin layers in place.

front stoop

Our front stoop has slowly been transformed over the past five months. Here's a shot before we bought it back in March. Please admire the gates on the front door and the lovely light. I thought it looked like a witch's hat. My neighbor thinks it belongs at a funeral parlor.

In August, the gates were gone, but the old door and light are still there. The railing is still a rusted white. Aaron and Derek stripped the railing and primed it.

Then we got a new door, and I painted the railing black (and kept noticing spots I missed).

The door was painted black in September, and in October, we finally put some numbers on the door! Now visitors could actually find our house (and be welcomed by beautiful mums from my grandparents and parents).

The ugly light remained until this past Sunday. Our friends (who are also renovating (and doing way more work than we did)) helped us drill the holes (with the proper power tool) to install our new light!

From then:

To now:

Welcome to our stoop!

Jesse Tree ornament December 21: wall

felt: gray, black
thread: gray
hot glue gun/glue
Trace/cut: black square (1), gray squares (20).
Hot glue gray squares in rows onto black square. Top row: three squares; middle row: four squares; bottom row: three squares. Repeat on back side.
Create hanging loop with thread.

operating room at a birthday party

Uncle Derek and Aunt Rachel gave Lydia a medical kit for her birthday, complete with OR hats and masks from the hospital. (If you worked with me in the ICU, this look is not foreign to you. If you didn't, well, I usually chose the scrub hat over this thing, but whatever.)

Naturally, we had to test out all the tools on a patient.

The surgeon started cutting before I was done intubating (with the reflex hammer).

The observation deck was captivated.

Then the patient got a difficult case of the giggles, and we lost her.

Paging Dr. Heidi.