Jesse Tree: the shopping list

I'm entering my most creative time of the year. Halloween is next week. I'm helping to host a baby shower in three weeks. Lydia's birthday is next month. Christmas is shortly after that. My brain is churning with ideas, and the world of Pinterest and blogland isn't helping my to-do list any. Instead of a shrinking list, it's rapidly growing. Fortunately, my sewing machine has recently been serviced, so hopefully we're at least ready to sew. I desperately want to get my third floor organized to organize all of my supplies (fabric, markers, paint, etc.), but in my head, I can't afford the time to organize instead of create. (I know I can. Everything is more dramatic in my head.) My creative juices are flowing, and they've been rather cooped up over the summer with packing and moving.

Somehow, I feel move alive when I'm creating, even if I'm only following directions in a "how-to" tutorial. Which brings me to my point. I'm finally going to supply you the instructions for the ornaments of the Jesse Tree I made and finished before Heidi was born.

It is not a fancy tutorial, but there are pictures and words and patterns so that you can make your own if you wish. Grab some ACMoore or Michaels coupons and make a list. This project is also more fun (and cheaper) to do with friends, but Advent season will be here soon; we can't be picky if you want this done for this year.

Starting in November, I'll post one a day. Some days I'll also post my normal posts (because I'll have a lot to tell you - Halloween, baby shower, birthday party, etc.). Other days, I'll cheat and use the Jesse Tree ornament as my only post. If you are amazing and keep up, you'll be done just in time for December 1st - with five days to spare if I don't slack off on the posting. Sorry, I should've done this in October (or May) to help you get ahead. My apologies for only encouraging your procrastination.

It's October 24th. You've got a week to shop for the supplies till I give you the first tutorial. Here's your shopping list.

- Felt
- DMC embroidery floss
These are the colors I bought almost two years ago from ACMoore. Don't sweat if yours aren't exactly the same. I'm just trying to be specific for all the anal people (like me). You need one sheet (8 x 11 or whatever it is) of each color. Some you will use up. Others you will have a lot leftover.
the felt UPC and its color name as per the tag / DMC floss #
(first numbers of each felt: 0083110, last four numbers unique as follows)
2433 red / 321
2444 tangerine (orange) / 720
2411 yellow / 444
2437 militia (blue) / 825
2439 sky blue / (a blue to match. i can't find the number!)
2425 pirate (green) / 699
2416 lavendar / 208
1843 cocoa (light brown) / 938
2440 brown (dark brown) / [no thread]
2445 black / 310
2415 grey / 535
2436 white / BLANC
2438 ivory / ECRU
- 3/4" round bead wooden balls (three per set of ornaments)
- spanish moss (or something like it for the manger)
- wooden toothpicks/sticks (I got ones that are bigger than toothpicks)
- twine
- cotton balls
- tan yarn (or whatever color you want for the lion's mane)
- silver Christmas balls from a dollar bin somewhere (for the globe. but you can easily just make a globe out of felt just like the apple and skip this, thus also skipping the blue, green, and white paint)
- acrylic paint: blue, green, red, white
- googly eyes
- wheat (in the fake floral section - it's not called wheat but it looks like dried grain shoot things. I'm totally failing to remember what it's called)
- embroidery needles, size 3-9
- paintbrushes (I got an assorted bag of 25 for $5 or something in the kids craft section of ACMoore)
- hot glue gun/hot glue sticks
- a bag of batting (a small bag is fine, not a sized one for a quilt, just a bag of loose "stuffing")

Other things you will need but probably don't have to buy because you should have them in your kitchen or somewhere:
- scissors
- coins to trace (quarter, dime, nickel, penny)

The tree on which you hang these ornaments is up to you. I got mine at Crate and Barrel last year (and they have it again this year). (Mine is the smaller twenty-inch one for $34.95.)

West Elm has a wall mount one this year that looks fun ($39).

Anyway, like I said, you're on your own with the tree.

Also, if you don't already know stitches, practice this one before November 1st.
Blanket stitch - tutorial here. You will use it on fourteen of the twenty-five ornaments (fifteen if you stitch the globe). One more thing, practice threading a needle with the embroidery thread. I was the official needle threader of our group. I never realized this was a gift until January of 2011.

Happy shopping (and stitching practicing). See you November first with the globe!