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Happy Halloween!

We went to a fall festival on Saturday where the kids wore their costumes. Not sure if the weather will cooperate for trick or treating tonight, but here's a preview of what you'd see if we were to knock on your door.

Jesse Tree ornaments: tidbits for assembly

Tomorrow starts the patterns for the Jesse Tree ornaments! Have you finished your shopping? Practiced your blanket stitch and needle threading?

As I was preparing the daily tutorial, I thought these tidbits might be helpful.

(Of note, "tutorial" sounds so official. Please do not set your expectations too high. The patterns are scanned card stock cutouts with a quarter alongside so you can verify the size of your print out. When I tried to edit the scanned image to only have one pattern per document (so that I could post each individual pattern with its ornament tutorial), the scaling went wonky. I don't have fancy software and know how (nor time) to fix it. So I'm leaving them in their original scanned beauty of three ornaments per page. If that doesn't really make sense, you'll see what I mean tomorrow. On to the tidbits.)

Print the patterns to card stock. Card stock is easier to trace (especially onto felt) than copy/printer paper.

Trace the patterns onto t…

This is My Father's World

While I was doing the dishes after dinner last night, I turned on the ihome, and Randall Goodgame's The Hymnal came on with This is My Father's World. It's one of my favorite hymns, but in light of Hurricane Sandy howling and carrying on outside my window, I giggled a little bit at the lyrics. "In the rustling grass I hear him pass; he speaks to me everywhere." It was just a little bit louder than rustling out there. =)

I'm thankful that this is his world, even when it's messy and broken and flooding and drowning. I love how Sally Lloyd-Jones writes about creation in The Jesus Storybook Bible.

When talking about the plagues in Egypt, she writes, "And after that, sickness; and horrible boils; and huge hailstones; and a storm of locusts; then darkness when it should have been day - until it seemed that the whole world, creation and everything, was coming undone, falling back into darkness. And emptiness. And nothingness."

Then she does it again wh…

Frankenstormapocalypse 2012

Watching (and singing along to) a Slugs & Bugs music video.

When did my girls get so big and look so much like little girls instead of babies?

Also, do they make Lydia's shirt in my size? I would like some comfy, awesome hand-me-downs, too.

We will be hiding in our house today while Frankenstormapocalypse 2012 howls outside (and hopefully stays outside). If we have power, we will be baking and finishing my Halloween costume. If we don't, we will be carving pumpkins and stitching the rest of my Halloween costume by hand (or searching for alternative attachment methods - safety pins perhaps).

happy birthday

The birthday wreath is hanging on the door for Aaron's birthday today. Lydia didn't tell him his present all week until we handed him the wrapped gift. We were so close . . .

Happy birthday, Aaron (Daddy). We love you!

Jesse Tree: the shopping list

I'm entering my most creative time of the year. Halloween is next week. I'm helping to host a baby shower in three weeks. Lydia's birthday is next month. Christmas is shortly after that. My brain is churning with ideas, and the world of Pinterest and blogland isn't helping my to-do list any. Instead of a shrinking list, it's rapidly growing. Fortunately, my sewing machine has recently been serviced, so hopefully we're at least ready to sew. I desperately want to get my third floor organized to organize all of my supplies (fabric, markers, paint, etc.), but in my head, I can't afford the time to organize instead of create. (I know I can. Everything is more dramatic in my head.) My creative juices are flowing, and they've been rather cooped up over the summer with packing and moving.

Somehow, I feel move alive when I'm creating, even if I'm only following directions in a "how-to" tutorial. Which brings me to my point. I'm finally goi…

fire truck, fire truck, zooming down the street

The girls love the fire trucks and ambulances that frequently drive by our house with their lights flashing and sirens wailing. At a fall festival on Saturday, there was a fire truck.

Each girl got a turn in the driver's seat. Heidi went first, and I told her she had to ask the fireman if she could sit in his seat and that he would help her up. She didn't hesitate to put her arms up to a large, tall man in fireman garb for the lift from the sidewalk to the seat.

Lydia even cooperated with the same directions.

(Next time I'll try to move around and take better pictures of the whole scene.)


On our rainy day Friday, we made homemade chicken and dumplings. My little "ingredient adders" were eager helpers.

Their favorite part was probably the "heavily floured counter."

They have an interesting love for flour.

As in, they like to eat it by itself.

They also wear it well.

it's raining; it's pouring; the little girls are napping

It is raining today. (This was when it was raining at the lake this summer.)

This is my favorite part about rainy days: my bright green rain jacket. Unfortunately, today, I haven't left the house, so I haven't worn it. So today's rainy day is just rainy.

The weekend weather looks marvelous, however, so I'm excited to play outside!

silly sisters

On Monday, the girls were just silly. First, they asked me to take a picture of them crammed together in the (non-functioning) fireplace, but then they ran around instead. And taking a picture inside on a dreary rainy day with little to no light is tricky business anyway.

The running around turned into wrestling . . . 

. . . which turned into hugging.

And then, for reasons unknown to me, they stripped down naked and insisted on matching outfits. Here they are reading their big sister manuals.

Just kidding - just some fun books that Baldo brought when he visited on Sunday. (Lydia refers to hers as her recipe book.)

Did I mention it rained all day Monday? Maybe that would explain most of the silliness that day . . . =)

butterfly wings

guest blogger: Lydia

- - -

While Heidi napped this morning, Mama and I finished the wings for my butterfly Halloween costume. Mama shaped the wings from wire hangers and made them purple with purple tights. Now they are ready to decorate! Mama did the edges for me, but I am doing the rest.

First, I paint the glue where I want glitter. (Then I took White Bear out of the ERGO because he was in the way.)

I have to hold the wings while I paint, or they move too much.

Then I scoop the glitter with a spoon (because the shaker lid wasn't working).

And I sprinkle it over the glue.

Then Mama helps me tap the extra glitter over a plate, and I start painting again.

I am having fun! I am excited to be a butterfly for Halloween!

high five

guest blogger: Lydia

- - -

We like to read our Highlights High Five magazine that come in the mail every month. (It was a birthday or Christmas present from Pop-Pop and Nana last year.)

We took them with us to the midwife last week and read them in the stroller and in the office.

We love our High Five magazines!

harvest festival

On Monday, we met my brother and his wife and kiddos out in Morgantown to pick some apples at their Harvest Festival.

First we played in the giant bins of dried corn.

Then we found a wagon for apples - but filled it with kiddos instead - and set off to pick our Autumn Gala apples.

Heidi and Keiper immediately started eating their first picks and didn't pick another apple.

 Lydia doesn't really like apples (but she loves applesauce), so she kept picking until running was more fun.

Then we ate our lunch and had some birthday snacks for Uncle Ryan - apple cider donuts . . .

. . .  and hand cut french fries with ketchup. (Lydia loves ketchup, in case you somehow didn't dine with her all summer long during the season of hot-dogs-for-dinner at least once a week. =)

Keiper made the healthy choice and ate carrot sticks instead (and maybe some chocolate graham bunnies, too).

Happy Birthday, Uncle Ryan!