Soccer Shots

Every Saturday morning at 9:30, Lydia goes to Soccer Shots for two-year-olds. We've only ever documented this weekly event via our iphones, so here are some instagram and iphone photos from our Soccer Shots adventures.

Aaron took her the first two weeks, and I took her for the first time last week. We take the subway to City Hall and walk another eight (or so) blocks to Sister Cities. (Or I wear the ERGO and we speed walk the last few blocks wearing Lydia to make it there on time. =)

Lydia is learning to stay on "soccer island" without one of us right next to her. Coach Josh gives them colored rings, and Lydia's favorite part of every activity is returning to her ring. Girl loves her safe spots.

Dribbling with Coach Josh.

Check out this intense red vs yellow scrimmage.

She wasn't quite sure about the pinny the first week.

After soccer, she loves to see the fountain in Logan Circle, which is right across the street from soccer. (Mini sambas may be the cutest sneakers ever.)

Of note, please hear the names of Lydia and her three female teammates: Helen, Genevieve, Amelia, Lydia. One might find the same names at a senior center knitting circle. Love it.

Also interesting, we had two cousin weddings this summer. Aaron's cousin, Lindsay, married Ben. He coaches with Soccer Shots. My cousin, Nicole, married Zak. He coaches with Soccer Shots. Unfortunately neither of them work in the Philadelphia area to be our coach, but they were both very excited to hear Lydia would be doing Soccer Shots!