living room progress: September 13

My brother reminded me that he hasn't seen the living room beyond this picture I posted the other evening of Heidi giving her daddy kisses.

So, anyway, here is the living room as of yesterday. This is the view from the front door.

The shelf that served us so well in the kitchen at our previous home now functions in new and useful ways right by the front door.

From the steps.

Our "new" dining room table purchased from the basement of Ross and Leah. It's huge compared to our old table and fits the space perfectly. It even has a leaf!

An upright piano should go here. (Anyone giving one away (and doesn't live in North Carolina)?) (Oh, those are flower girl flowers drying on the railing, not giant dust balls.)

From the kitchen.

Pardon the boxes. Their presence only increases the further up into the house you travel.


  1. Nice table! Like it. And the giant box pile disappeared.

  2. I have a upright piano you can have!!! I think TN might be a little closer than North Carolina?!?! Plus just think of all the fun people you could visit here!


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