kitchen progress: September 20

The kitchen looked like this just months ago.

It looks like this today.

If I stand on the stool:

If you're looking for the trash and recycling, they're hidden. (Wednesday is trash day, so that's the only reason the bins look so unused and empty.)

A Maytag refrigerator and a Bosch dishwasher don't clash too much living side-by-side. (Remember when I was stressing through that one?)

I love white subway tile.

This light needs a different light bulb, but the pretty (and dirty) light is from West Elm.

The floor.

Still shopping for bar stools.

Looking towards the front of the house.

On moving day, we had at least half a dozen people in the kitchen, and it felt so roomy! For home group last week, we had the snacks on the peninsula counter, and we weren't squished in the least. I love having room for people in the kitchen.


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