decaf, whole milk

A few weeks ago, my friend, Lessa, came over with her almost two-year-old daughter. En route, she called to ask if I wanted a coffee. I requested a decaf vanilla latte, whole milk. A week later, I told her I was pregnant, and she said she knew based on my coffee order. In fact, when the barista called out the order, she and Lessa laughed at the order. The barista asking, "who is this for?" with Lessa answering, "I think my friend's pregnant."

But, wait, people! Stop laughing! This is my normal coffee order - whether I'm pregnant or not! I don't do caffeine as I go bonkers if I consume more than a small amount. (Just ask my husband.) I also buy/drink whole milk. There are four gallons in my refrigerator right now if you still don't believe me. Nonetheless, my coffee order triggers laughter by baristas and pregnancy suspicion among my friends. Clearly, I don't go out for coffee much anymore, or my friends would know of my decaf, whole milk coffee drinking habits. =)


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