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Soccer Shots

Every Saturday morning at 9:30, Lydia goes to Soccer Shots for two-year-olds. We've only ever documented this weekly event via our iphones, so here are some instagram and iphone photos from our Soccer Shots adventures.

Aaron took her the first two weeks, and I took her for the first time last week. We take the subway to City Hall and walk another eight (or so) blocks to Sister Cities. (Or I wear the ERGO and we speed walk the last few blocks wearing Lydia to make it there on time. =)

Lydia is learning to stay on "soccer island" without one of us right next to her. Coach Josh gives them colored rings, and Lydia's favorite part of every activity is returning to her ring. Girl loves her safe spots.

Dribbling with Coach Josh.

Check out this intense red vs yellow scrimmage.

She wasn't quite sure about the pinny the first week.

After soccer, she loves to see the fountain in Logan Circle, which is right across the street from soccer. (Mini sambas may be the cutest sneak…

decaf, whole milk

A few weeks ago, my friend, Lessa, came over with her almost two-year-old daughter. En route, she called to ask if I wanted a coffee. I requested a decaf vanilla latte, whole milk. A week later, I told her I was pregnant, and she said she knew based on my coffee order. In fact, when the barista called out the order, she and Lessa laughed at the order. The barista asking, "who is this for?" with Lessa answering, "I think my friend's pregnant."

But, wait, people! Stop laughing! This is my normal coffee order - whether I'm pregnant or not! I don't do caffeine as I go bonkers if I consume more than a small amount. (Just ask my husband.) I also buy/drink whole milk. There are four gallons in my refrigerator right now if you still don't believe me. Nonetheless, my coffee order triggers laughter by baristas and pregnancy suspicion among my friends. Clearly, I don't go out for coffee much anymore, or my friends would know of my decaf, whole milk coffee …

refrigerator pictures

You may or may not have noticed the refrigerator in the kitchen post.

There are some pictures hanging on our fridge. Here's a close-up of one of them.

As my conversation with Lydia goes, "Mama, do you know there's a baby in your belly?"

"I do!"

"When will the baby come out?"

"First Halloween, then your birthday, then Thanksgiving, then Christmas, then New Years, then Valentine's Day, then Easter."

"Then I can hold the baby?"

"Then you can hold the baby."

"But not yet, right?"

"Not yet."

"The baby still has a lot of growing to do. Then I can hold the baby."

Merrymead Farm

guest bloggers: Lydia & Heidi

- - -

Yesterday we went to hang out with Aunt Rachel for her birthday (which was on Friday). We sang Happy Birthday in the car on the way out, but when we got to her house, she wasn't awake yet. So we never actually sang to her. (Sorry, Aunt Rachel.) Anyway, after Heidi's nap, we hopped in the car and drove to Merrymead Farm. Their Harvest Days (with a cornmaze and hayrides) don't start till this weekend, but they still had their animals to see. Plus the pumpkins were already out.

It's a dairy farm, so there are a lot of cows. Heidi said, "boo!" instead of "moo" for most of our visit.

The animals were so far away. Mama and Aunt Rachel didn't know why there were so many fences. They say it didn't use to be like that.

Here we are!

This cow mooed at us for awhile. Mama thought maybe she needed to be milked (look at her full utters! poor lady!) and felt bad for her.

What is Lydia doing?

Putting on chapstick …

Hearts of East Africa

guest blogger: Lydia

- - -

Nez sent us these t-shirts in the mail.

Tenwek 2012. Nez goes to Kenya every year as part of the non-profit, Hearts of East Africa. (You can check out their Facebook page here.) We got these cool shirts. I call them our "Nez shirts."

Heidi likes hers, even with all that yogurt and food on it.

Thanks for our Nez shirts, Nez! 

kitchen progress: September 20

The kitchen looked like this just months ago.

It looks like this today.

If I stand on the stool:

If you're looking for the trash and recycling, they're hidden. (Wednesday is trash day, so that's the only reason the bins look so unused and empty.)

A Maytag refrigerator and a Bosch dishwasher don't clash too much living side-by-side. (Remember when I was stressing through that one?)

I love white subway tile.

This light needs a different light bulb, but the pretty (and dirty) light is from West Elm.

The floor.

Still shopping for bar stools.

Looking towards the front of the house.

On moving day, we had at least half a dozen people in the kitchen, and it felt so roomy! For home group last week, we had the snacks on the peninsula counter, and we weren't squished in the least. I love having room for people in the kitchen.


guest blogger: Heidi

- - -

Way back in June, we received favors at a birthday party: paint and plant pots. Mama told us we had to wait until we moved to do them. So, on Tuesday, a dreary rainy day, we painted our pots.

I was very focused.

Lydia only wanted to paint the inside of her pot, not the outside.

I painted all of mine, inside and out!

Painting is so much fun!


I bought new windshield wipers for the car on amazon, but somehow I shipped them to our old address. Whoops.

It poured today, and we have very large casement windows. I couldn't sprint around fast enough to shut the windows before the water poured inside. Whoops.

One of Keiper's golf balls disappeared at the lake over the Fourth of July. I found it today in the cup holder of the girls' blue chair. Whoops.

I still haven't posted pictures of the kitchen. Whoops.

I made cookies the other day, and these two sillies were quite excited about them, though this photo is blurry. (Maybe this can count as a kitchen tease.)

play time with Heidi

guest blogger: Heidi

- - -

Here I am in the playroom.

I like to sit in the doll bed.

I pretend to go to sleep.

I also like to climb this chest.

Yes, I usually wear this many necklaces. Do you like them?

I'm blowing a kiss.

I'm pretending to sleep again.

So many things to do . . .