third floor progress: August 16

Yesterday, they painted the walls on the third floor. Last night I (quickly) painted the bottom portion of the baseboards before the carpets were installed today.

First, here's a little glimpse of what the third floor space looked like when we first saw it. We considered refinishing the existing floors, but long story short, we couldn't for a handful of reasons. On with the photos.

And now, last night compared to today.


Carpet close-up.

Ooo - too close. You can see the beautiful, um, trim.

I am loving my Thunder walls in the hallways (and bathroom and kitchen and living room), but the Muslin I chose for the bedrooms isn't as off-white neutral as I'd expected. Guess I'll just have to paint the rooms individually as we settle over the next year or so. (Excuse me while I go pick my husband off the ground as I'm sure he just died hearing (seeing) me say that.) We'll see how excited I am about painting anything ever again if/when I ever finish the trim and railings.

I have three of these sweet brushes. (Thank you, Young House Love for the tip.) Let me know if you'd like to try one out with me. =)


  1. Is Lydia "esscited" about her new home?
    Also, paint whatever you want to paint NOW. Don't wait. I ran out of momentum and decided I'd finish later and three years later my hallway is still painted half green, half blue. Haven't picked up a paint brush since. Then again, I'm as lazy as you are motivated, so you'll probably be fine.

    1. yes, Lydia is "essicted." my goal is to finish the trim ASAP. and the bedrooms are all going to be muslin for awhile, i am sure. =) maybe you can come help me. then i'll come help you.

    2. My room is looking good! Save a brush for my visit


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