house front progress: August 17

Back in July, we started working on the railing out front. I use "we" loosely. We hired a student (aka my brother, Derek) to work on it one Saturday. He got the fun task of stripping off the old, rusty paint.

Then, Derek and Aaron primed it, and there it sat for three weeks. On Monday evening, I got the easier task of painting the railing high gloss black. I got about halfway.

This morning, I finished it, I think. (I keep finding spots I somehow missed.)



(Bonus points if you notice anything else new in the "now" photos.)


  1. Looks good. The door is new! I didn't know you were getting a new door. Again, looks good.

  2. Obvs the door. Clearly I played I spy when I was a youngster.

  3. Door and basement window! Looking good!


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