summer Olympics

I love the Olympics, especially the summer Olympics. During the last summer Olympics in 2008, we were sans children, not even pregnant. We were at the beach with my family during the first week, and my brothers still remember cheering the USA mens 4x100 free relay on to gold. This year, I'm avoiding the internet because whenever I try to do anything normal (i.e. check the weather), I encounter multiple Olympic spoilers. I'm of the opinion that the coverage is not up to par (reporting what's trending on twitter and facebook? seriously?), but nonetheless, I still enjoy watching the Olympics, preferably before the media has told me what happened.

Due to technical difficulties (and watching more television this week than I've watched in the past year), my blog may be spotty in posting over the next week. Still here but not always with internet. I will do my best to stay regular with my postings, but we will see how the week goes. =)