s'mores . . . for breakfast

We took Fat Camp to a new level this year in making s'mores at 9am.

Once again, the little ones were missing the fun of the campfire at night. A large part of campfire fun is s'mores. I ate at least two each evening. Plus ice cream. (See? Fat Camp.)

We got a fire going one morning with the hot embers from the previous night's fire. Keiper loves sticks, so he was an eager helper.

I rounded up the s'more ingredients, assembled the chocolate melting station (a flat rock next to the hot fire), and Aaron got to cooking some beautifully browned marshmallows.

(If I've failed to enlighten you, melted Resees Peanut Butter Cups instead of Hershey's chocolate make for the best s'mores. I will still make you one with plain chocolate if you ask since everyone has unique taste buds, but I might give you a funny face about it. =)

Keiper's excited.

Lydia, also.

Naturally, the bunny wanted a bite as well.

When Heidi woke up from her morning nap, we cooked a s'more for her, too.

She insisted on holding hers, so we gave her small pieces while Uncle Derek tried to stay marshmallow-free.

Then we played with fire; Uncle Ryan brought out the sparklers.

They're significantly less thrilling in the daylight, but when it isn't dark before nine o'clock at night, we can only do the best we can.

S'mores for breakfast; what a great vacation!