We were married six years ago today. We realized last night that we have now been married longer than we've been dating.

Last year I said I would work on improving the gap in my photo library of photos of just Aaron and me. I failed, miserably. I don't even have one. Instead, I do have an impressive number of family photos taken since this time last year.

Harford Fair (August 2011).

Lydia's second birthday party (November 2011).

Christmas (December 2011).

Heidi's baptism (January 2012).

Easter (April 2012).

Heidi's first birthday party (May 2012).

We bought a house (June 2012).

Keuka Lake (July 2012).

So, Aaron, as Joy Williams sings, "You're my favorite." (Sorry, this is the only clip of the song I could find.)