Rain for Roots

I mentioned this music in my "dear brittany" post, but it was way down at the bottom/end. It really deserves its own spotlight. So here it is.

This is what I said about it in the dear brittany post.

Rain for Roots. This is the most frequently playing album in our home since it was released on May 15th. The lyrics are Sally Lloyd-Jones' Baby's Hug-A-Bible, and the music and singing is a group of talented Nashvillians: Sandra McCracken, Ellie Holcomb, Flo Paris, and Katy Bowser. Lydia already has most of the album memorized, and I love the folk music serenading me while I fold laundry and wash dishes and tickle little girls.

And now, one month later, I'll tell you the same thing. Except I will add that there is not much sweeter than hearing Lydia's little voice singing through the monitor, "Yes, God's the one!" or "Little one, in the storm, God cares for you."

I can still sing almost every song I learned as a kid, so I love that these gospel saturated lyrics are soaking into her memory at the age of two for her to sing for the next eighty-some-odd years. I love that they make sense and ask questions and provide answers rooted in the gospel story. It's so rich. And the music is beautiful! I'm not a musician, so I won't try to describe it to you. But it's awesome. Just listen for yourself with a free download (link below) or buy it here.

Oh, but if you're pregnant with your first, and I'm coming to your baby shower, just, um, don't buy it yet. =)