house progress

It's fun to see progress, so check out the kitchen. This is from when we first put in the offer back in March. Please notice the little wall after the door to the right.

The gates and cabinets are gone, and the tile floor has been ripped out.

Framing for the new cabinets in place. The electrician is busy in this photo.

Waiting for the new window. (That plywood will be a window.)

The little wall by the door is gone, too!

On to the bathroom. It's a close fit for the knees here.

Good-bye, wall.

From the back room looking into the bathroom.

Framing the new wall.

Old railing (which is hard to see).

New railing.

Fireplace mirrors.

Found some of this under the mirrors (after some sandblasting of the black glue/tar).

From the steps looking down.



From the front door.

They (the contractors) are moving so fast, I am not doing so great at taking pictures of the progress, but I will keep trying to keep up! (I am not complaining about their speed. We are moving in a month. Yikes!)


  1. Wow! I can't believe how much they got done in a week. Can't wait to see next week's pictures.

  2. I just have to say I love the pink tile and pink toilet in the bathroom. I am pretty sure it would be a great girls bathroom!!


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