dishwasher indecision

It is busy!

Packing our current place and renovating the new place is a little nutty - and we're not even doing the labor at the new place. It's mostly the fun stuff - picking tile, appliances, faucets, lights - but I have decision-making issues sometimes. Perhaps I "over-research" to the point of indecisiveness. My current hang-up: the dishwasher. It's right next to the refrigerator, so does it need to be the same brand? Will their stainless finishes clash if the dishwasher is a Bosch, and the fridge is a Maytag? Will their handles look silly next to each other? The time I am wasting on such silly thoughts . . .

This is the (needs-to-be-wiped) Maytag freezer drawer in the dimly lit corner of the house.

This is a Bosch dishwasher handle in the bright fluorescent lights of Lowe's. (Ignore the price, but, seriously, who knew dishwashers could be so expensive?)

Do their stainless finishes match well enough? I have no idea. Probably not? I think the handles could be fine.

Nonetheless, my head is swimming with house details, and my third floor is swimming with half-packed boxes that need my filling attention. I guess I also should really cook dinner before the girls wake up . . .