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fort dimples

guest blogger: Heidi

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Big Guy built a fort.

Sorry, Mama. Big Guy and grand-kids only.

(Mama loves my dimples in the above photo. She said to tell you that.)

summer Olympics

I love the Olympics, especially the summer Olympics. During the last summer Olympics in 2008, we were sans children, not even pregnant. We were at the beach with my family during the first week, and my brothers still remember cheering the USA mens 4x100 free relay on to gold. This year, I'm avoiding the internet because whenever I try to do anything normal (i.e. check the weather), I encounter multiple Olympic spoilers. I'm of the opinion that the coverage is not up to par (reporting what's trending on twitter and facebook? seriously?), but nonetheless, I still enjoy watching the Olympics, preferably before the media has told me what happened.

Due to technical difficulties (and watching more television this week than I've watched in the past year), my blog may be spotty in posting over the next week. Still here but not always with internet. I will do my best to stay regular with my postings, but we will see how the week goes. =)


We were married six years ago today. We realized last night that we have now been married longer than we've been dating.

Last year I said I would work on improving the gap in my photo library of photos of just Aaron and me. I failed, miserably. I don't even have one. Instead, I do have an impressive number of family photos taken since this time last year.

Harford Fair (August 2011).

Lydia's second birthday party (November 2011).

Christmas (December 2011).

Heidi's baptism (January 2012).

Easter (April 2012).

Heidi's first birthday party (May 2012).

We bought a house (June 2012).

Keuka Lake (July 2012).

So, Aaron, as Joy Williams sings, "You're my favorite." (Sorry, this is the only clip of the song I could find.)


There's a summer thunderstorm rolling through. I've been attempting to choose paint colors (well, two colors) for the new house (even though we're not really anywhere near painting yet), and I just decided on Benjamin Moore's thunder for the main floor of the house and the bathroom.

<div style="display:none;"><a href="">thunder AF-685</a></div>
Not sure what it looks like on your monitor, but it's a gray-beige. Or, as this blogger put it, "If thunder had a color, I suppose it would be the a mix of the sky during a thunder storm; dense grayish clouds with a spark of sun hidden in the background." So, yes, what she said.

There's a lot of other things still to be decided, but it feels good to cross things off my list and make decisions. I'm not on my computer (because the battery's dead), so I can't show you new photos at the moment. Instead, check out my motorc…

morning shave

Here's a glimpse into our morning routine. Two little girls watching their daddy shave after his morning shower.

house progress

It's fun to see progress, so check out the kitchen. This is from when we first put in the offer back in March. Please notice the little wall after the door to the right.

The gates and cabinets are gone, and the tile floor has been ripped out.

Framing for the new cabinets in place. The electrician is busy in this photo.

Waiting for the new window. (That plywood will be a window.)

The little wall by the door is gone, too!

On to the bathroom. It's a close fit for the knees here.

Good-bye, wall.

From the back room looking into the bathroom.

Framing the new wall.

Old railing (which is hard to see).

New railing.

Fireplace mirrors.

Found some of this under the mirrors (after some sandblasting of the black glue/tar).

From the steps looking down.

From the front door.

They (the contractors) are moving so fast, I am not doing so great at taking pictures of the progress, but I will keep trying to keep up! (I am not complaining about their speed. We are moving in a month. Yikes!)

dishwasher indecision

It is busy!

Packing our current place and renovating the new place is a little nutty - and we're not even doing the labor at the new place. It's mostly the fun stuff - picking tile, appliances, faucets, lights - but I have decision-making issues sometimes. Perhaps I "over-research" to the point of indecisiveness. My current hang-up: the dishwasher. It's right next to the refrigerator, so does it need to be the same brand? Will their stainless finishes clash if the dishwasher is a Bosch, and the fridge is a Maytag? Will their handles look silly next to each other? The time I am wasting on such silly thoughts . . .

This is the (needs-to-be-wiped) Maytag freezer drawer in the dimly lit corner of the house.

This is a Bosch dishwasher handle in the bright fluorescent lights of Lowe's. (Ignore the price, but, seriously, who knew dishwashers could be so expensive?)

Do their stainless finishes match well enough? I have no idea. Probably not? I think the handles cou…

Rain for Roots

I mentioned this music in my "dear brittany" post, but it was way down at the bottom/end. It really deserves its own spotlight. So here it is.

This is what I said about it in the dear brittany post.

Rain for Roots. This is the most frequently playing album in our home since it was released on May 15th. The lyrics are Sally Lloyd-Jones' Baby's Hug-A-Bible, and the music and singing is a group of talented Nashvillians: Sandra McCracken, Ellie Holcomb, Flo Paris, and Katy Bowser. Lydia already has most of the album memorized, and I love the folk music serenading me while I fold laundry and wash dishes and tickle little girls.

And now, one month later, I'll tell you the same thing. Except I will add that there is not much sweeter than hearing Lydia's little voice singing through the monitor, "Yes, God's the one!" or "Little one, in the storm, God cares for you."

I can still sing almost every song I learned as a kid, so I love that thes…

animal fun

guest blogger: Heidi

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My cousin, Keiper, brought these animal toys to the lake.

This is the lion.

The lion says "ROAR!"

This is the tiger.

These animals are so much fun!


guest blogger: Lydia
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Maybe you noticed this in previous photos.

I fell into the eye-hook on the window in the cabin during pre-bedtime silliness. Mama was relieved (and thankful) the eye-hook missed my eye.

Now, Uncle Derek calls me Rocky, and I think that's just hilarious.


Last week Heidi went on her first boat ride.

She enjoyed watching Big Guy ski.

Here's Lydia two years ago.

Lydia last year.

Lydia last week.

Her expressions while riding the boat haven't changed much, and Heidi looks she may have some of those same expressions. =)