we bought a house

Cute photos of my new niece will have to wait (only because the camera is in the bedroom where Heidi is still napping).

So in other news, today, we bought a house. Our new house is a few blocks southwest of where we are now, two blocks from the subway in a neighborhood called Passyunk Square. This beauty (sort of) is officially ours after three months of bidding, negotiating, inspecting, and all the other shenanigans that go along with buying a house.

Now on to the renovating. Because, seriously, do you see those gates? There are plenty more inside just like them. And mirrors. Lots of mirrors. Please standby for more photos of the progress over the next two months. We are out of our rental the end of August, so come September, you will find us there. Until then, just let me know if you want to help pack boxes or babysit or rip up carpet or knock down mirrors or rip out large iron gates and fixtures. =)


  1. Congrats guys!! That is very exciting. I must say I am proud of you and jealous of your city life at times. I mean that in a very good way (despite how it sounds) cause I know it is not something i could do but cities have so many great things to offer!!!

    1. you should come visit! once we move, we will have more space for little runners. but you can come now and sweat with us, if you want, too. =) i'll leave the choice to you!

  2. CONGRATULATIONS!! It looks awesome. I'm so excited for you guys!


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