Sister Cities Park

guest blogger: Lydia

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There is a new venue in the neighborhood: Sister Cities Park. Well, it's not in our neighborhood, but we've already been there a handful of times. Also, the park isn't new, but it's been transformed. The website can give you the official information, but I'll tell you how we enjoy it.

First, we pack up the stroller with our bathing suits, buckets and shovels, towels, and picnic lunch. Then we hike the nearly two miles across the city to 18th & Logan Square.

When we get there, we change into our bathing suits and hit the pool.

There is a rock garden path that winds around. Brennan and Kuyper enjoy starting their toys at the top of the waterway and chasing them down to the pool where they catch them while I prefer a more stationary position sitting on the steps with my watering can and bucket.

There is also a little fountain we can play in, too.

And - the best part of all - Daddy's office is right there. He can actually see us from his office. So sometimes he comes out to say hi!

There are all kinds of fun events there, too. Yesterday the Academy of Natural Sciences was there talking about trees. I asked Mama if I could join the other kids, and I very much enjoyed myself sitting on my towel, eating my lunch learning about trees. Do you see me in the back there?

I think we will be visiting this park a lot this summer. If only there was one closer to our house!


  1. The picture of Lydia in the back listening to the speaker makes me laugh. I predict she finishes college in 2.5 years.

    1. =) let me know when keiper wants to come to the park with us. i'm sure he'd love to climb the rocks!


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