We took the girls camping this weekend. It was their inaugural camping experience and our first attempt at camping with two toddlers. We left our house Saturday after naps and returned home Sunday before afternoon naps since no one was up for experimenting with napping two silly girls in the same tent in the daylight. Bedtime was hilarious enough.

Lydia "helped" Aaron set up the tent.

Heidi set up the chairs.

Lydia sat and waited while Heidi set off to explore.

Then I failed to take any more pictures that evening because I had to actually help Aaron care for the girls (feed them dinner, make s'mores, get them ready for bed etc.) instead of sitting back with the camera.

We all slept in our tent, and at 6:09am, an excited squeal from the pack n play woke up the other three sleeping family members. Heidi had realized we were all in the tent, too, and her excitement could not be contained. I wish I had captured a picture of her face pressed into the mesh of the pack n play as she pointed and squealed.

Anyway, we got up and started preparing our signature breakfast of eggs and oatmeal. (Yes, even the booster seats came camping with us.)

Then we got dressed, packed up our campsite and set out to explore some more.

I did take more pictures this time. Stay tuned.


  1. I like the picture of Lydia watching Aaron work. I enjoy doing the same thing.


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