last lacrosse game

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Before yesterday, we had been telling you of our weekend travel to Hartford, Connecticut to watch Aunt Rachel play lacrosse. After all the excitement of the hotel and the playground we took a nap. Well, one of us took a nap. The other one sang songs and did not sleep.

Anyway, at the lacrosse game, we tried to watch.

But we got bored. So we climbed fences.

Played with sticks.

Wrestled in the grass.

At the end of the game (which they, unfortunately, lost), we waited for Aunt Rachel.

Lydia reminded her, "Don't forget your shovel!" only to learn it's called a stick, not a shovel.

On the ride back home, we held hands and sang in the back seat.

Because that is what we do when we're in the car together. We're crazy like that.


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