Heidi's ten little rubber duck birthday party

Remember when Heidi  told you about her favorite book, Ten Little Rubber Ducks? I used that as the inspiration for Heidi's birthday party.

She has a duck on her shirt. "The little rubber ducks were pained, bills red and eyes blue."

Some of these guys hung out in the pool (which my nephew then emphatically retrieved and then threw into the pool over and over).

Monthly photos of Heidi hung on the clothesline.

Heidi loves tacos, so we had a taco bar.

Dirt dessert. (Because I just don't like cake that much. So until my kids start picking their desserts, I'll keep picking desserts I think they'll like. =)

I think Heidi liked what I picked.

Three of the ten little rubber ducks were kidnapped off of the dessert.

(Lydia was so sneaky I didn't even get a picture.)

Lydia helped make these funfetti cookies.

Some of these yarn balls lasted longer than others.

Oh well. =)

Lydia supervised the gift-opening.

Then she held the skunk in "Baby Bear, Baby Bear, What Do You See?" for Heidi.

Heidi wasn't too interested in swimming at her party.

She much preferred to chew on the ducks.

Another first birthday celebrated. This time goes so quickly.