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Heidi's ten little rubber duck birthday party

Remember when Heidi  told you about her favorite book, Ten Little Rubber Ducks? I used that as the inspiration for Heidi's birthday party.

She has a duck on her shirt. "The little rubber ducks were pained, bills red and eyes blue."

Some of these guys hung out in the pool (which my nephew then emphatically retrieved and then threw into the pool over and over).

Monthly photos of Heidi hung on the clothesline.

Heidi loves tacos, so we had a taco bar.

Dirt dessert. (Because I just don't like cake that much. So until my kids start picking their desserts, I'll keep picking desserts I think they'll like. =)

I think Heidi liked what I picked.

Three of the ten little rubber ducks were kidnapped off of the dessert.

(Lydia was so sneaky I didn't even get a picture.)

Lydia helped make these funfetti cookies.

Some of these yarn balls lasted longer than others.

Oh well. =)

Lydia supervised the gift-opening.

Then she held the skunk in "Baby Bear, Baby Bear, What…

in the meantime

Apologies for the blog post slacking! We celebrated this one-year-old over the weekend, so I have plenty of photos to share. If only I had the same plethora of time with which to sit down and put together a post for you. This will have to do for now. Happy Birthday, Heidi!

More to come!

birthday wreath reappearance

I do not think I remembered to tell you about Lydia's love for the birthday wreath at her second birthday. Lydia was so excited to see it out for Heidi's birthday. She keeps asking me to take it off the door so she can hold it. (Tutorial found here.)
Well, Heidi is almost equally excited about it, though she doesn't ask to hold it. She just points at it excitedly.

For as different as Lydia and Heidi can be, they do so many things almost exactly the same.

another George

Lydia gave Heidi a Curious George for her birthday. I think she loves him.


One already?

My bundle of energy turns one today. Aaron and I were in the nursery on Sunday. While the other kids sat and played, Heidi ran circles around the room, giggling, dancing, rolling, and running - nonstop. (No wonder my girl takes three hour naps on Sunday afternoon.)

Heidi-bear! You bring so much joy and laughter to our home. (No one else can make Lydia laugh like you do.) Your energy and enthusiasm keeps me on my toes - always! Yet, you will still wander over with a book to sit and nuzzle in my lap. I love you, baby girl!

garden plot

guest blogger: Heidi

- - -

Ross and Leah are sharing their garden plot with us.

We spent Saturday morning planting and then watering our garden.

Tomatoes, green beans, peppers, cauliflower, cantaloupe, eggplant, basil, oregano . . . you can fit a lot in a seven by eight foot plot.

The planting deadline was Saturday, and we finished just in time. Phew!

When we were at Pop-Pop and Nana's yesterday, we checked out their garden. It's a little bit bigger than ours.

Just a little bit. =)

It is beautiful, and fortunately, they are very generous and share their bounty with us. Being that I love most every fruit and vegetable, I am very excited about these gardens!

last lacrosse game

guest bloggers: Lydia & Heidi

- - -

Before yesterday, we had been telling you of our weekend travel to Hartford, Connecticut to watch Aunt Rachel play lacrosse. After all the excitement of the hotel and the playground we took a nap. Well, one of us took a nap. The other one sang songs and did not sleep.

Anyway, at the lacrosse game, we tried to watch.

But we got bored. So we climbed fences.

Played with sticks.

Wrestled in the grass.

At the end of the game (which they, unfortunately, lost), we waited for Aunt Rachel.

Lydia reminded her, "Don't forget your shovel!" only to learn it's called a stick, not a shovel.

On the ride back home, we held hands and sang in the back seat.

Because that is what we do when we're in the car together. We're crazy like that.


Eventually, I was going to show you this picture . . .

. . . and tell you of our news. Instead, we spent yesterday afternoon visiting the hospital's radiology department for an ultrasound. I am miscarrying at ten weeks, and our littlest babe, who was due 12/12/12, won't be nestling in our arms this side of heaven.

As we left the office of the OB, we walked into a waiting room full of swollen bellies. From there we walked out of the Curtis Center onto Washington Square on a beautiful spring day where strollers flooded the park. With a heavy heart I realized that little people in strollers are still my reality. This loss does not equal shattered dreams of children and strollers as it would for those experiencing a miscarriage the first time being pregnant. I still have two little girls, and pushing a stroller through the park is my normal. This loss doesn't totally overhaul my sense of normal. It still hurts. A lot. I still grieve. It throws a curve ball at my expectations f…

i spy: a playground

guest blogger: Lydia

- - -

While Daddy stayed back at the hotel while Heidi took her morning nap, Mama and I went exploring. First we found Big Guy and Nonna. Then we set off to check out the large park across the street from our hotel. First, we found a fountain. I love fountains.

But THEN we came across this!

I set off to explore.

Time to go down the slide!

Wait, I want to go down that side instead.

When Heidi woke up, Daddy brought her over to the playground, too. She loved the turtles.

Then she set off to explore.

What a fun playground!