three babies

I am waiting on three babies - three girls, actually - to arrive. Let's be honest. I'm not the host, so I'm not really waiting like my three friends are waiting. One is due today. One is due tomorrow. One is due next week. Two of them have been having contractions on and off for days. Contractions at the end of pregnancy are really exciting - until they stop without evicting the baby. On May 15, 2011, I swore I was in labor. (Reminder, Heidi was born on May 22, 2011.) When my contractions stopped sometime that evening, I cried and cried and cried. And cried.

Hindsight is a blessing because in hindsight, this awkward waiting time will be mostly forgotten. Because even though I truly feel for my swollen bellied friends, I vaguely - not vividly - remember those "why-did-the-contractions-stop" tears shed on May 15th. And as I remember them now, I laugh at myself. But, trust me, if you'd have laughed at me then, I may have punched you.

Anyway, while I wait for those baby girls, I'm off to look for mine. Where's Heidi?

There she is!

Good grief, that's not a baby. When did she get so old?!