screen-free week

Growing up, I vaguely remember "TV-Turnoff Week." I think I remember my mother excitedly enforcing it despite our whiny complaining, but that's about it.

Now with ipads and kindles and smartphones, the event has evolved into Screen-Free Week.

My girls really don't watch television at all, so it won't change much for them. But I waste way too much time on blogs and emails when I could be reading books and making things - whether those things are dinner or crafts. Don't get me wrong. There are a lot of great things to read on blogs and emails, and I do a lot of important things on my computer, like pay the bills. I would be very lost without my screened devices. Too often, however, I find myself reading something that linked from one place to another to another, and suddenly, I don't know what I'm reading or how I even started reading it in the first place. It's not even interesting or educational or entertaining: I'm bored! It's ridiculous.

So I'm joining the screen-free week party. I will check my email for one hour each day while the girls nap, reply to texts, and answer my phone. I'm not going cold turkey, but I am excited to severely decrease the amount of time I spend staring at screens. I won't be reading the blogs on my reader, and this blog will be silent for the week, too. I am looking forward to finally finishing this book and working on some stuff for Heidi's birthday party. 

The Broad Street Run is on Sunday, May 6th, so when I come back on Monday, May 7th, I'll have plenty to share with you.


  1. I remember it well. I will join you and challenge the rest of our family to do as well.


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