a (random) list

Remember those three babies I was waiting for last week? They're all here! Two came on Tuesday (birthday twins! Rae Ann and Caroline), and one came yesterday (Kate). I met the birthday twins on Tuesday night, and hopefully I will meet Kate soon! 

Meanwhile, my head is swimming. My to-do list is growing. I'm not sure I even ever cross anything off of it. Maybe I will make a random list here for some organization.

- I need to update my "dear deidre" post. Now that I have another year of parenting "experience" (or something since experience sounds too professional and fancy), I have a few items to add. Though this time, in honor of my expecting cousin, I will call it, "dear brittany."

- I need to continue my prep for Heidi's first birthday party. Can you believe she is going to be one?

- The Broad Street Run is almost here! Ten days!

- Today is Soft Pretzel Day - free soft pretzels at any Philly Soft Pretzel Factory. How did I miss this while I was walking around in the drizzle this morning? Ugh!

- Lydia still needs new shoes. I can't seem to find a pair I like.

- I did not yet get the mail today even though I heard Michael, the mailman, put it in the box while I sat right here on the couch.

- I love front stoops. So unique from one to the next.


  1. - Send Keiper more videos of Lydia doing something. Anything. It really doesn't matter.


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