little climbers

Lydia, at just under two and a half, is just now really feeling confident at the playground. She can't do a few things yet because of her short reach, but she is mostly off and running on her own - up and down most of the equipment. She's still hesitantly slow sometimes, but she will eventually do it. She just takes some time.

Heidi, at just under one, has no fear. If there are steps, and she is at the bottom, she will climb them. If there are steps, and she is at the top, she will go down them - sometimes headfirst, sometimes on her feet thinking she can walk (which she can't).

As a parent, it is really awesome to reflect and realize how I love two people in such unique ways. I love Lydia's cautious excitement, and I love Heidi's adventurous spirit. I don't find either one better or worse; they each draw out unique feelings. I am in love with each of them, especially those sweet smiles and giggles!