5K run for clean air

My goal is to run a 5K with each of my babies somewhere during their first year. It's partly "get-back-in-shape-after-having-a-baby," but it's also fun for me to do something like this with each one. (Lydia's first 5K here.)

So on Saturday, Heidi ran her first 5K, the 5K Run for Clean Air. Here we are pre-race. Heidi's busy thinking race strategy.

Ready to run. Heidi's already diving into her snack.

While Heidi and I were running, Lydia made a sign with Daddy.

Then they waited for us at the finish line.

Aaron tried to point us out to Lydia, but she completely missed us.

We found them shortly after crossing the finish line. (Don't laugh at my vertical bib. There was something wrong with the bibs and the tracking devices. They only worked if worn vertically. Whoops.)

Yay for my cheerleaders (and camera man) and my running buddy!


  1. Great job running. Nat and Lydia have the same shirt her "horsey" shirt is one of her favorites.

  2. Great job girls. Danielle, congrats on the run Heidi for lasting through it, and Lydia for the sign, and Aaron you too. The pictures are great.


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