lunch out front

guest blogger: Lydia

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We have been outside a lot this week. Today, we ate lunch on the bench outside our house. It was a busy lunch. First, the UPS man, John, brought a package. (He's that blurry brown blob on the left past the pole.)

Then our across-the-street-neighbor, Astrid, stopped over; she was home from school today.

We kept eating our lunch.

Then our next-door-neighbor, Joe, came outside.

So we finished eating and played some more before nap time.

Me and the pink baby are watching the Phillies.

Yes, Aunt Rachel, I insisted on wearing socks with my crocs. You don't approve?


  1. lydia kate you know me too well. that was my first thought! maybe once you see that i wear mine without socks, you will too?! :)


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