Federal Donuts

guest blogger: Heidi

- - -

There is a somewhat new place in town. I realize I am new in town also as I'm not even ten-months-old yet, but this place is even younger than I am. It arrived in October. (You can read about their write up in the New York Times here if you wish.) While Nez and Leah were in town, we had to show them what the hype is all about.

Lydia sat at the counter and patiently waited for her donut, assuming her signature stance: left thumb suck, right hair twirl.

I can't sit still, so Mama wouldn't let me sit on the stool by myself. Instead, I checked out the sign under the counter.

Lydia ate her donut.

But look at all these wonderful crumbs she left behind!

This stuff is delicious!

Once I finished licking the plate clean, it was time to walk home. We'll be back, Federal Donuts. We have yet to try your chicken!


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