If you're like me, perhaps you do a lot of your shopping online? With sites that offer free shipping and free returns, sometimes it's so much easier - and even cheaper - to buy online rather than packing two girls into the car - especially if the closest store is across the bridge because it's five bucks to cross the bridge back into Pennsylvania from New Jersey.

Anyway, if you do not already use ebates when you shop online, you should. I was completely skeptical of it when my friend described it to me, but she was right. I have had my account with them for over a year. I get payments directly into my PayPal account every quarter.

Full disclosure: if you check them out with that little button over there on my blog or right here, I get the "tell-a-friend" bonus (five bucks, if you're curious), but you get the same cash back deals I've been getting for over a year.

Whenever you go to make a purchase online, go to ebates first. Find the store from where you'll be purchasing and click on the link. That's it. (I usually just shop and when I'm ready to check out, I go to ebates and relink to to my shopping cart through their link. I've finally trained myself to remember to click over to ebates before I checkout.) Ebates tracks your sale and deposits the cash back into your account and pays it to you quarterly, either by a mailed check or direct deposit to PayPal.

I'm not suggesting that you go out and shop away. But if you're going to be purchasing pajamas or shoes or car seats for your constantly growing kids, why not put some of that money back into your pocket? My favorite deal was when I bought Heidi's car seat on sale at Walmart. It's the same car seat we have for Lydia. It retails for about $250. It was on sale, so the $197 purchase gave me 5% cash back ($9.85) through ebates. Granted, I am not regularly dropping hundreds of dollars online, but even small purchases add up.

Ebates doesn't pay me for this blog post, but as I said up there, they do pay me if you create an account through my link. I only tell you about things I love and use, and I am feeling guilty that I waited so long to to tell you about my online shopping that gives me money back on things I was going to buy anyway.

I'll stop boring you with my ebates ramble and leave you with this warning. As Aaron has taught Lydia to say whenever we go to Target, "Don't spend all your money!"


  1. How about a video of Lydia saying, "Don't spend all your money!" ?

  2. i just signed up, let me know if it works! :)


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