and, they're (coming) back!

In the summer of 2009, Nez helped us move, driving with me from Nashville to Philadelphia.

Then, she and Leah came to visit a few weeks after Lydia was born.

Lydia visited Nashville for the first time in June of 2010.

Nez and Leah came again in the fall, only a few months later.

Last winter, we went to Nashville again. Perhaps you remember Lydia and Nez shopping at Trader Joe's. (Seriously, those are two of my favorite photos. Cracks me up every time I look at them.)

Despite having just been married on May 15th, Leah came in June - with Nez, of course - to meet Heidi. Sadly, I never posted photos from that visit as it was when my blog went on vacation.

We failed to head back to Nashville this past year, and Heidi has yet to meet Nashville. Fortunately, even though I missed my rotation, Leah and Nez are coming to me again - TOMORROW!

I am excitedly ecstatic. Just like Heidi in this photo Lydia took of her. (Hence the blur. Lydia's still learning how to adjust the shutter speed.)

See you soon, friends!!!