recipe needed: chicken stock

Help me, please. Here's my dilemma.

I love to cook. I especially love to cook from scratch. (Hence my love for Simply Scratch. How often can I talk about that food blog here? I love it.) I'm not a very creative cook. I don't invent recipes from scratch. I can tweak existing recipes - but just a little bit. My secret? I follow directions really well. Hence, I can cook with a recipe. Food blogs that give me step-by-step instructions with pictures? They just make me look good. Like I know what I'm doing.

On Saturday, I made dumplings. For chicken and dumplings. From scratch. They were delicious. But THEN - so embarrassed - I cooked them in chicken broth, made by dissolving chicken bouillon cubes in water. Ugh, gross. Horrible. I roasted the chicken. In the oven. Picked every last bit of flesh off the bone. So I have bones with which to make chicken broth. Yet, I do not make chicken broth from scratch.

Why, you ask? I tried once. It tasted like water. With a hint of nastiness. I've never tried again. (I had a similar experience with focaccia bread, but I can only handle one food failure per blog post.)

I need a tutorial. Err, a recipe. But I need one of those recipes that gives me step-by-step instructions. With pictures. Pretty pictures (like on food blogs). I need someone to hold my hand through this. I need to make chicken stock from scratch. Yummy chicken broth. Full of flavor and minerals (since I'm boiling chicken bones, minerals get into the broth - I've read about this).

If you have a tried and true recipe, please share. I'm a little desperate. Or just feeling pathetic over my inability to make delicious chicken broth. When I find this recipe, I want to make it over and over and stockpile it in my freezer.

Thanks so much.

Yours truly,
me, the girl who wants to be done with bouillon cubes. forever.

As a thank you for your help, please enjoy this photo of one of my faithful kitchen helpers.

She's particularly fond of the mixer, so long as it's not on and noisy.