I won the lottery!

On Sunday, February 12th, I had a fever. After church, I barely moved off the couch. By Tuesday, I was on the mend, but the girls had fevers. Between administering Tylenol and ibuprofen around the clock, I didn’t remember to take advantage of the early registration for the Broad Street Run. By the time I remembered to register, registration was full. It sold out in five hours. (Last year it sold out in four days. I thought I had more time.) As a last resort, there was a lottery. An extra 2500 registrations would be given out by lottery. So, I signed up for the lottery, and I completely forgot about it.

This past weekend I registered for the stroller friendly 5K Run for Clean Air; Heidi is going to run it with me. (My goal is to run a 5K with each baby. Lydia and I ran one almost two years ago.) Remember?

On Monday morning, I checked my email to find an email. “Congratulations! Your registration was selected in the lottery and you are now registered for the 33rd annual Blue Cross Broad Street Run on May 6, 2012!”

I quickly googled my rear into gear. With “10 mile training” I found a 10-week beginner training program. Lucky for me, I am exactly ten weeks away from May 6. Even better, Monday’s plan: rest. Phew, I was even on schedule!

It is now Wednesday, and I am still on par - a whole three days in. I am taking it one day at a time because the thought of waking up every weekday (except Mondays and Saturdays as they are rest days) at 5/530am is really scary to me. Nonetheless, I have no idea when else I’d find time to train if I don’t get up early.

Being registered for the race is a good external motivator for me. I need to be in shape for my own health and sanity (which thereby affects the cohabitants of my house), and I need a strong core to keep my bad back genes from taking over my life.

I guess the forty dollar registration fee is a good motivator, too. I hate wasting money.


  1. I entered the lottery but didn't get in :( Oh well, I guess I can continue to sit on the couch and eat chips! :P


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