heart shirts

I made these shirts for the girls for Valentine's Day following this tutorial. (Easy. Just ask my self-proclaimed-non-crafty-friend who successfully made them with me; she just skipped the sewing step.) I used a shirt from H&M with little blue hearts for Lydia. (A shirt with hearts that isn't pink? Woo-hoo!)

Unfortunately, the little blue heart shirt didn't come in Heidi's size, so her shirt is just white. (Reading their new book Just Because You're Mine (by Sally Lloyd-Jones, Jesus Storybook Bible author) with Daddy before he goes to work.)

Of course Lydia is asking, "wanna see the picture," before I even finish pressing the shutter.

I wrapped the shirts with these cards. By the time breakfast was over, Lydia had lined up the cards with the corresponding animal. She is onto my drawing inspiration. (i.e. I am not original. I just copy well enough. =)

Can you tell the girls were febrile and miserable on Tuesday? Hopefully not? =) I had a fever Sunday, and by Tuesday, so did they. It has been a long week . . .


  1. I adore Lydia's type A streak and the shirts turned out AWESOME!


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