first trip to the aquarium

guest blogger: Lydia

- - -

Our zoo membership expired, but thanks to a Google deal, we replaced it with a membership to the aquarium! We went for the first time on Monday when Daddy was home from work for President's Day.

There were sharks.

There were lots a sharks.


Seahorse say, "neighhh-glub-glub-glub!"


It's Bubba and Ralph! (A few weeks ago, Daddy took me to a coffee place with a fish tank. We named the fish Bubba and Ralph. This new aquarium was full of Bubba and Ralph.)

Hippos in the water.

Watchin' the penguins.


Seal on a rock.

Actually, we saw a turtle, too (but Mama didn't get a picture of it).

Here we are with our hometown skyline in the background.

Let's go to the 'quarium again, Mom!