fasnacht day: 2012

Last year we searched the city for fasnachts and found them only blocks from our stoop at a German bar on South Street.

This year, the Tuesday playgroup rallied at the park (since it was 52 degrees) for fasnachts! By noon we had the whole place practically to ourselves. (Everyone else must have gone home for lunch, but we had packed our lunches.)

 Sage was enjoying her fasnacht, but Lydia had already polished hers off before I could get a photo.

Brennan and Kuyper are still eating theirs.

A group photo attempt, of those who were left by this point anyway. Hazel declined, and Louisa was already getting ready to nap in her stroller. Heidi was attempting to escape, and Sage is in the middle of sliding off the turtle.

Are they really all looking in the same general direction? Impressive. =) (Sage went MIA.)

Happy Fasnacht Day!