fat camp at a wedding

Three months ago, I mentioned some photo booth photos from my cousin's wedding, but I never showed them to you. I have them! At the reception, it took a bit to gather everyone, so here is how we started.

Make it quick.
That's what she said.

 We are now only missing the bride and groom (like they were busy at their wedding reception or something). Oh, wait. We're missing Ryan, too. (Where did he go?)

Every year, we spend the Fourth of July at Keuka Lake. One year (a year I missed as we still lived in Nashville), my brother, Ryan, founded Fat Camp: no regulation on the amount of junk and sweets consumed (ice cream, smores, donuts, cookies, chips, soda, etc.). (Read here if you need a what is Fat Camp refresher.) Fat Camp has become an annual event. Drew and Ashley (residents of Georgia) actually haven't even been yet, but rumor has it, they may make an appearance in 2012.

This wedding had the best dessert - Seneca Farms ice cream with freshly made waffle cones (by a Seneca Farms employee, pictured below in the blue gloves). I hope she still works there this summer when we come in every night with our large metal trays to carry our fifteen ice cream cone "to-go" order. I wonder if she'll remember us . . . the oddly excited folks at the wedding who kept dragging her away to the photo booth . . . There are three spouses, one boyfriend, and one Seneca Farms employee in this photo. (One spouse was missing - as in not at the wedding, not that we wouldn't wait for her to get out of the bathroom.) The other eight people are my three siblings and four cousins and me. That's as much "tagging" as I can do for you. =)

Woo-hoo Fat Camp! See you all in less than six months.