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messy to beautiful

I want to journal more. I write entries in my head in the wee hours of the morning when I can’t fall back to sleep after feeding Heidi, but those entries never make it from my head to paper (or a keyboard).  In February, I am attempting to journal once a week and share those entries here. I used to "think" more on my blog, but recently, I've grown lazy of fleshing out my thoughts. Then my brain feels like spaghetti mush, much like it does right now.

Today, one friend is hoping to bring her baby into this world (come on, labor), and another is wondering if the bleeding will take her baby from her. My heart rejoices with one and grieves with another. This world is broken and messy. But, as I taught the three and four-year-old kids yesterday, God makes messy things beautiful.

"He has made everything beautiful in its time." Ecclesiastes 3:11. But, sometimes the waiting is so painfully ugly that we wonder if we will ever see the beauty.

Lord, give me patience to see t…

perhaps she's teething?

Heidi, what is in your mouth?

Yes, that thing. Please spit that out!

Silly girl.


Someone has the sniffles today and is awake prematurely from her nap.

Must go snuggle my leaking baby.

so big

I think my computer is on the fritz. That little color wheel that spins around and around seems to be the only consistent thing my computer does nowadays. She is almost five years old, which is practically a dinosaur in computer years. Nonetheless, I'm managing to squeak out some blog posts; sometimes they just take a really long time to put together.

To keep it simple today, here's a video of Heidi doing "so big" with some background commentary and giggles from Lydia. 


guest blogger: Heidi

- - -

After we played in the snow, we went inside to warm up with hot chocolate and popcorn. I didn't get any hot chocolate, but I did get some popcorn.

 Can I get another one of those, please?

Thank you!

Maybe another one, please?

Thank you again!

I love this popcorn stuff!

playing in the snow

guest blogger: Lydia

- - -

It snowed yesterday. First, I helped Daddy shovel.

By helped, I mean that I stood in this same spot and watched him shovel.

Then Heidi woke up from her nap, so she came outside, too. Look, we're twins!

 It was slippery when I tried to stand up again.

And Heidi wanted to crawl, but all that clothing makes moving tricky.

Oh, you want to know what are we looking at?

 Our neighbor, CeCe, being silly.

It was so fun to play in the snow!

Heidi's first snow

It snowed today - Heidi's first snow.

By the time we got her outside, the sidewalks were shoveled, and the snow was more like icy slushy stuff. Maybe eventually we'll have some "real" snow this winter to show Heidi how winter really looks around here.

fat camp at a wedding

Three months ago, I mentioned some photo booth photos from my cousin's wedding, but I never showed them to you. I have them! At the reception, it took a bit to gather everyone, so here is how we started.

Make it quick.
That's what she said.

 We are now only missing the bride and groom (like they were busy at their wedding reception or something). Oh, wait. We're missing Ryan, too. (Where did he go?)

Every year, we spend the Fourth of July at Keuka Lake. One year (a year I missed as we still lived in Nashville), my brother, Ryan, founded Fat Camp: no regulation on the amount of junk and sweets consumed (ice cream, smores, donuts, cookies, chips, soda, etc.). (Read here if you need a what is Fat Camp refresher.) Fat Camp has become an annual event. Drew and Ashley (residents of Georgia) actually haven't even been yet, but rumor has it, they may make an appearance in 2012.

This wedding had the best dessert - Seneca Farms ice cream with freshly made waffle cones (by a Sene…

*simply scratch* - yum

I think the girls are guest blogging more frequently that I am blogging. Whoops.

Truth be told, I am tired today! (Hello, alliteration.) I sometimes feel like I am busy doing things for the girls (feeding, diapering, cooking, cleaning, organizing) and not spending as much time as I want with the girls. Since I already made dinner, I think I may take a nap so that I can play with the girls when they wake up from their naps.

And since I have no pictures of my own to show you in this post, head over to my favorite food blog (*Simply Scratch*) for some more delicious food photos that will surely make you drool. If you are wondering, the food will taste as good as it looks, too, as every recipe I've made from there has been absolutely delicious. (I've made at least a dozen in the past few months.) Check out this lovely photo from yesterday's post on *Simply Scratch*.

Isn't it beautiful? I think I may have to go eat one of those Mississippi Mud Brownies before I take a nap. …

chew toys

guest blogger: Heidi

- - -

Hi, Mama. I'm just playing with my toys.

Look, I'm a bull.

Here I come!

And now switchin' out the ring for a pacifier.

Now a puzzle piece.

Oops, that last photo was from the other day, but I do really love to chew on my toys!

budding photographer

guest blogger: Lydia

- - -

These may look like plastic keys to you, but this is my camera.

Say cheese!

I love taking pictures!

a three day weekend

I love three day weekends! For clarification, since I do not work, a three-day-weekend is one where I am not the lone parent caring for the girls on either Monday or Friday. Meals and baths and naps are so much more enjoyable with an extra set of hands, not to mention someone to exchange glances when we're stifling our laughter over a hilarious Lydia statement or a ridiculous Heidi maneuver.

Speaking of an extra set of hands, Curious George made a nightly appearance during bath time, and the girls couldn't get enough of it. (Sorry for the yellowish hue. I forget to adjust the white balance.)

Oh, that George. He's so silly.

post nap

guest blogger: Heidi

- - -

I'm awake from my nap!


I think I hear Lydia.

Where is she?

There she is! And she brought me toys!

Thanks, Lydia!

But, um, can I play outside my crib now?

little ERGO

guest blogger: Lydia

- - -

If you've been reading this blog for awhile, you may remember Mama talking about her ERGO and how much she loves it. Nonna gave me one when Heidi was born, but I'm just now enjoying it more and more. I am hands free to make my lunch in my kitchen.

See, the weight is all on my hips!

 If you have a baby, you've gotta try this thing. It's the best!

happy feet

This pillow was the first of my two last minute gift ideas. When making Aaron's mom's birthday card, I found a penguin made out of a footprint on Pinterest. The penguins for the card came out very cute. Somewhat suddenly I was struck with the realization of what else I could do with these penguin feet. My nephew, Keiper, does "happy feet" (from the movie Happy Feet) where he quickly shuffles his feet. He taught Lydia this move, and Lydia will run around saying, "Keiper do happy feet!" as she imitates Keiper's moves. Alas, the happy feet pillow idea was born.

I don't have a Silhoutte machine, but I was not interested in cutting letters out by hand. (Basically, the Silhouette machine works with the computer to cut out designs/letters/images/number/etc. with a razor onto fabric/paper/vinyl/etc. It's much easier/faster/cleaner than cutting designs out by hand.) I called up Leah (who has a Silhouette machine) who printed out the "happy f…