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It snowed on Saturday! Actually, it rained at our home in the city, but we were out at Big Guy's and Nonna's to celebrate Christmas. So we got to enjoy some snow while we were there!

The snow was really coming down at some points!

We caught snowflakes on our tongues.

And ate some snow.

Think it will snow again soon? And in the city, too?

Christmas morning

guest bloggers: Lydia & Heidi

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On Christmas morning, we started with breakfast - eggs, chocolate chip pancakes, bacon . . .

. . . and chocolate milk!

Then we put the last ornament on the Jesse Tree.

Then it was time for presents!

Heidi danced around a lot after receiving her very own copy of Are You My Mother?

Mama made us aprons and pot holders. (She'll tell you more about them later.)

She also gave us her old American Girl doll, and Heidi immediately gave her lots of hugs . . .

. . . while Lydia set to work in the kitchen with our new pots and pans.

Then we got dressed and drove to Pop-Pop and Nana's for more Christmas morning!

birthday banner . . . and a sick day

Yesterday was my birthday. Since I'm always borrowing hers, Leah made me my very own birthday banner! Actually, if you're curious, the conversation went something like this:

Me: I really need to make my own birthday banner. I'll do it after the holidays.
Leah: Nooo, then it will look better than mine.
Me: No it won't, but if you insist it will, then you'll just have to make me one.

I forget what she said in response because my pregnancy brain doesn't remember details very well these days, but Santa must have heard me because on Christmas Eve a little elf delivered a package through my mail slot, and I now have a birthday banner to call my own.

Isn't she lovely? That's the best photo I can produce for you right now because after a long night of birthday puking by Lydia and me, I'm camped out on the couch for my nap, despite the fact that my living room looks like this.

This picture is what I call a sick day. Besides laundry (for obvious reasons), the…

tracing hands

It's that time of year again: tracing our hands on the tablecloth.

Lydia's hand is now on this tablecloth four times. It's already crazy to see how little her hand was at her first Christmas, and even Heidi's from last year is so different! I'll have to show you the comparisons after I stitch this year's hands.

brown paper packages tied up in strings . . .

. . . these are a few of my favorite things.

Merry Christmas to all!

swimming hippos

guest bloggers: Lydia & Heidi

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On Friday, we went to the aquarium with Uncle Ryan, Keiper, and Kaia. Apparently the waterfront was flooded, but we eventually found the open road to get to the aquarium. It was practically empty; it was great!

Oh, hello, sting ray!

Of course we needed a lunch break.

The hippos are usually pretty stationary, but they kept swimming laps and laps.

Heidi loved to run alongside them as they swam by.

We sat and watched them for awhile.

We really love the aquarium - especially without the usual crowds! =)

sweet moments

Sometimes sweet moments happen in the daily routine, and sometimes I am able to capture them on camera. Here comes the photo bomb.

I love watching (and sometimes just hearing) them together.