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Jesse Tree: Celebration of Advent

[update: tutorial coming November 1, 2012.]

Tomorrow it begins: using my Jesse Tree as our Advent calendar! I introduced you to it last winter, mentioned it once, and then pathetically updated about it in April. Well, it is done (and actually has been done since before Heidi was born). I am posting the final product here for you if it will so inspire you to create your own at some point. I still have the patterns (i.e. essentially cardstock cutouts I made) which I may be motivated to scan if someone wants them.

Since my first tree attempt literally fell apart, I purchased this guy from Crate & Barrel (with my 15% off coupon). (Apparently this tree is already no longer available online even though I just got it last week.) It's twelve inches in diameter and twenty inches high. Mine is a little crooked, but it just gives it character (and resembles my real Christmas trees that are almost always crooked).

I'll post my Jesse Tree: Celebration of Advent for you here along with …

Lydia's elephant birthday party

We had Lydia's birthday party with family the other weekend at Aaron's parent's house. For my little animal lover, I picked an elephant theme, and even though I am not a fan of pink, Lydia, when given the choice, almost always picks pink. I emailed these invitations to our family members.

I ruffled some pink and white streamers. (Tutorial from Made again.)

I added some felt elephant garland.

There were peanuts to snack on before dinner.

I transformed the maternity-o-lantern jars into elephant-o-lantern jars. (They're pink, but me and my color balance weren't working together well for this photo.)

I found these elephant plates for the kids in the Hefty ZooPals Safari package.

Of course the birthday girl had to rock some elephant paraphernalia without looking like her Halloween costume, so I made this shirt.

When Keiper got there, we showed him Pop-Pop's chickens and played in the leaves.

Lydia opened gifts (or sucked her thumb while I opened gifts) while Heidi …

Ashley's baby shower!

Finally! Allow me to share with you the celebration we had for the expecting mama, Ashley. The shower planner extraordinaire, Leah, got us going with an autumn theme. From there, we made a board on Pinterest and picked our favorites, using our board for inspiration to delegate the various creations. I don't have pictures of everything, so I'm sorry if you weren't there to see it all in real life.

We each had to spray paint a pumpkin or two. Check out Jenna's handiwork.

At the cravings bar, I took these jack-o-lantern jars and - with the help of Leah's Silhouette machine - made these maternity-o-lantern jars.

Of course the menu was autumn themed as well, but check out Leah's tablecloth.


Monica sat for awhile at her sewing machine ruffling these streamers. (Tutorial over at Made.)

Check out Monica's awesome gift - which she made (using the freezer paper technique and her Silhouette machine).

I think I already showed you this mobile which Leah got on her …